The real thing …

XENIA is a corneal implant made of natural corneal collagen of animal (porcine) origin.
The XENIA material, natural corneal collagen, has been successfully validated by Mother Nature – with a follow-up of more than 450 million years with excellent results.[1]
The XENIA material undergoes a special process to remove foreign cells including antigens. This special process is called decellularization.
It has been routinely used for more than 30 years in cardiology (artificial heart valves/bioprosthesis) and has helped countless patients with heart problems who needed heart valve replacement.
XENIA is like “the real thing”: it is made from natural corneal collagen, just like traditional corneal transplants used in millions of successful corneal procedures for more than 100 years.
XENIA is in fact “even better than the real thing”: a human transplant still contains corneal cells from the donor (e.g. keratocytes), while the XENIA material is completely devoid of foreign cells and, hence much more tolerable.

XENIA is a custom-made product that is available
only on a physician’s prescription and is exclusively
manufactured for the individual patient.

The XENIA Corneal Implant is MDR-approved as a custom-made device,
and in full compliance with the Regulation (EU) 2017/745.

… even better than the real thing

[1] Parker, A. R. (2009). “On the origin of optics”. Optics & Laser Technology. 43 (2): 323–329.